Enslaved: Piggy’s Perfect 10 Review

Jesse Laong

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On November 26, 2010
Last modified:December 30, 2013


Piggy's Perfect 10 is a ton of fun and with an interesting storyline, it's well worth the money!

Enslaved: Piggy's Perfect 10 Review

Piggy's Perfect 10

He’s back. Our favorite hero from Enslaved is back in a DLC story custom made just for him. No, I’m not talking about Monkey, I’m talking about our portly pal from the junkyard… PIGGY!

I have to tell you, I was so totally pleased with this DLC offering. Not just because Enslaved was an awesome game, and not because it focuses around Piggy. It is because in my opinion this is by far the best DLC released for any game in a long while. This was a well thought out offering to continue the Enslaved story and it shows from the moment you start the quest.

In Piggy’s Perfect 10, our lonely hero is in need of companionship, justifiably so living solo in the vast junkyard Piggy calls home. The decision is made, much to the dismay of Truffles (picture a smaller, cuter Jack from Gears fame). Truffles lends his assistance in mapping out the road to travel so you don’t get lost, but that is it. If you’re looking for combat assistance you won’t get it from him.

Your path will be blocked with obstructions and of course mechs. As opposed to Enslaved where Monkey took on all comers, Piggy’s mission requires lots of stealth. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, but Piggy is… well a pig. Very fat and immobile. That irony is one of the quirks that make this DLC so great. Stealth, sniper shots, and gadgets will be what gets you through this. There will be lots of trial and error, but lots of fun as well.

The goal is to scour the junkyard and find the 3 key components Piggy needs to build himself a companion. You will start off with just your rifle, the pig prod, and of course your grapple. You will also earn gadgets one at a time along the way. Nothing new with the grapple and the rifle, and the pig prod is basically a stun gun that will immobilize a mech for a set period of time…. hopefully you’re quick enough to fire a well placed head shot for an instant kill.

There are 4 gadgets total – decoy, EMP, ally (triggering this will convert mechs into your ally for a set period of time), and lastly the pig bomb. Gadgets are accessed through the D-pad and require LB to aim and RT to throw/place (decoy and EMP can be thrown, ally and pig bombs are placed). Get used to using RB quite a bit as well, this is a scan mode that will highlight enemies and grapple points.

There are 10 new achievements associated with the DLC and yes, collectibles. Don’t know the exact number, but throughout the game there is hidden food items and pin-up girl posters for Piggy to find and collect. The 4-5 hours of gameplay and the storyline alone are well worth the 800 MS points ($9.99). The DLC will take up about 1.5G of your hard drive, but it is space well allocated.

I did find myself getting frustrated trying to figure out the exact timing and combination of gadgets to use to pass certain areas, but that frustration quickly changed once said area was conquered. There were certain areas as well where the camera angle was horrible and you could not move/readjust with RS. After a while it could get repetitive for some as well. Overall, Piggy’s Perfect is a great piece of DLC for a great game, go out and pick it up today!

Enslaved: Piggy's Perfect 10 Review

Piggy's Perfect 10 is a ton of fun and with an interesting storyline, it's well worth the money!