Six Batman Games Are Available To Play For Free Right Now

batman arkham knight

The console wars have turned digital, with the rise of competing online platforms vying for attention and exclusivity. While Steam still reigns supreme, just debuting an overhaul of their library system, the Epic Game Store is, uh, picking up steam, as it were. They already have Apex Legends and exclusivity on Control (which our very own Dylan did not like) and Borderlands 3. Now, however, to entice even more gamers to their service, Epic is offering up six Batman games for the grand price of nothing.

The six titles ain’t nothing to scoff at, either. You’re getting three of the Arkham games – Asylum, City and Knight – and also three LEGO Batman games, which, wow, I had no idea there were three of those. Unfortunately, there’s not a Telltale Batman or an Arkham Origins in sight, but that’s fine, because if you’re whining about six free games, well, maybe you don’t deserve them.

Personally, I remember my time with the first two Arkham outings fondly. I kind of accidentally perma-borrowed Asylum from my one-sided high school nemesis and I swear to goodness I was in the top 50 in the global leaderboard for one of the earlier predator challenge maps. I cleared it out and got all the challenges in less than a minute, if I remember correctly. I always thought City was a tad better, though, with its kind-of open area, cleaner combat and more bombastic story.

At the moment, I only have an Epic account for Apex Legends, a game I haven’t played since there was snow on the ground earlier this year. Call me casual, call me what you will, just know I have over 400 hours in RimWorld. I’m legit as heck, alright? I just don’t like giving my info out so willy nilly, but, uh, I am on the modern-day internet where my phone tells me to follow former Miami Vice star Don Johnson on Twitter because I complained that my longer-than-normal hair is turning into a mullet, so, maybe it’s futile to resist.

It’s a strange time we live in – if only we had a real Batman to help. Until then, we can at least replay his grandest digital adventures for free.