Epic Games Announces Fortnite Downtime Starting Tomorrow


For a cartoonish free-to-play battle royale with no franchise cache, Fortnite has truly blown past all our expectations.

The Epic Games effort was one of the first to enter the lucrative genre, and while it’s inspired a number of less-than-stellar imitators, Fortnite is still the current king of online gaming. In fact, Epic now has over 250 million players worldwide logging into the game on a regular basis, and has no intentions of slowing down or resting on their laurels.

That’s been quite evident with the frequent updates that Season 8 has brought us, the latest of which will arrive tomorrow. Over on Twitter, the developer announced that Fortnite will be going down on April 10th at 5am EST so that they can push out the v8.30 patch.

“Batteries Charged. Become the hero your team needs in the v8.30 update! Downtime begins tomorrow, April 10 at 5AM ET(0900 UTC),” reads the Tweet.

Of course, the big change that this latest update will bring with it is the reboot van, which will allow you to spawn your downed teammates back into the game. It’s an exciting mechanic, and one that Apex Legends has now made popular. As such, it was really only a matter of time before Epic added it into Fortnite. After all, it’s proven to add a whole new layer of strategy to the genre and the developer clearly sees value in having it in their game.

As for how exactly it’ll work, Epic recently outlined everything you need to know about respawn vans in a video over on YouTube, which we definitely suggest checking out ahead of tomorrow’s update so that you’re fully up to speed.

Undoubtedly, there’ll be a few other tweaks and changes coming to Fortnite with v.830 as well, and as soon as we’ve got the full patch notes, we’ll be sure to share them with you. As always, watch this space for more.

Source: Twitter