Epic Games To Enter The World Of MOBAs With Paragon


The already crowded field of MOBAs is about to get even more packed, as Epic Games has announced that they will be bringing their own brand of action to the genre with Paragon. The title, which was officially debuted at PlayStation Experience, will come to the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

Promising to give players direct control over their characters, Paragon is a slightly different take on the popular genre. The game appears to be something of a cross between traditional third-person action and typical MOBAs, as it will have an “ever-expanding roster of unique Heroes,” as well as featuring a card collecting system that will allow you to customize your chosen hero.

Scored to “Outro” by M83, the in-game cinematic trailer showcases a heated battle between two very different sets of heroes. From the trailer alone, we see characters wielding everything from massive shields to dual rifles to some type of black magic. This is just a taste, of course, of what Epic Games has up their sleeve for the full version.

While a final release date was not confirmed for Paragon, Epic Games did announce that the title will have a paid Early Access launch in spring 2016. Following the Early Access period, an open beta for the MOBA would commence in summer 2016.

Tell us, are you intrigued by what Epic Games could bring to the world of MOBAs with Paragon?