Epic Games Store Is Giving Away 15 Free AAA Games Over The Holidays

Chris redfield resident evil

Forget about the 12 days of Christmas; Epic Games is celebrating 15 of them and the festivities kick off in just a few hours.

Starting today, December 17th and running all the way up to New Year’s Eve, the company is giving away one AAA title every single day. It goes without saying, of course, that presents shouldn’t be unwrapped early, though lists appearing over on Twitter appear to have outed the full line-up ahead of time. We can’t speak to the validity of these claims, but according to Apostle, the adventures that await you are as follows:

Considering Epic’s essentially bottomless wealth thanks to Fortnite, we wouldn’t at all be surprised if the above turned out to be completely true, and this certainly wouldn’t be the first time it’s doled out big name IPs for absolutely nothing in return. You’ll be required to have a valid Epic account in order to take full advantage of the promotion, of course, but unlike Microsoft or Sony’s platforms, no fees are involved here.

As for the fine print, each game will only be available to download for a period of 24 hours, whereupon it’ll be replaced with the next entry until the promotion closes on December 31st. If you miss any of these, you’ll have to pay full price, but those obtained during the aforementioned window are yours to keep forever. A countdown clock over on the official storefront notes the ETA on drop #1 as less than 2 hours, so we won’t have to wait long in order to find out just how accurate Apostle’s list is.

Tell us, though, do you plan on picking any of these games up over the coming weeks? Let us know down below.