Epic Games Is Teasing “The End” For Fortnite


Fortnite players will soon have no choice but to seek out a new game to satisfy their battle royale needs.

We jest, of course. Epic Games’ absurdly popular shooter isn’t going anywhere, but that hasn’t stopped the developer from teasing some form of apocalyptic catastrophe due imminently for Battle Island. For a while now, data miners have been excavating various files pointing towards a new event meant to close out Season X: Out of Time, one that’s simply dubbed The End. What that will entail, nobody knows, but the game’s developer seems eager to play up the supposed destruction of Fortnite.

Having recently updated his Twitter profile, Epic creative director Donald Mustard has slyly altered his current location which now simply reads “The End.”

Not at all surprisingly, the change has sent fans into a full-on speculative mode, with many putting forward their own theories in response.

Others have humorously suggested that when the mystery event concludes, Fortnite will close its doors for good and prompt players to uninstall the game.

This is what i think that is going to happen when the event finish. from FortNiteBR

That doomsday scenario is (read: approximately) 99.9% unlikely to occur, of course, which begs the question of just what on Earth is about to happen. Our best guess, thanks to a plethora of leaks implying as such, is that Battle Island will soon cease to be, and, much in the same way as Apex Legends‘ recent transition from Kings Canyon to World’s Edge, will leave behind an empty space to be replaced with a brand new battleground.

If true, it will represent the single biggest change introduced to Fortnite since it launched back in 2017. Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Season 11’s start date rolls around but thankfully, there’s not long to go. Season X’s successor is scheduled to kick off next week. Stay tuned for further developments.