Get Episode 1 Of Telltale’s Back To The Future Game For FREE!


A current overlooked gem of the recent adventure game scene has been the fantastic Back to the Future games by Telltale. A continuation of the story from the movies, the game features a fantastic voice cast (including Chris “Doc Brown” Lloyd reprising one his best roles) and a unique visual style that makes these game feel timeless.

Well for all you who haven’t yet jumped back on the time travel train, Telltale is giving you the chance to get a taste for absolutely nothing. Just visit this link and get in on the action yourself; in a clever touch, the coupon code 121GIGAWATTS is used at checkout during the transaction, just so you know you’re about to see some serious s**t.

I honestly can’t recommend these games enough, especially to fans of the movies, and at the price of free you really can’t say no. So if you like good adventure games and mind-bending time travel plot lines head to the link up above and get yourself a copy of Episode 1, I warn you though you might like it so much you’ll end up having to buy all of the rest just to see what happens.

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