Equip Yourself From Infinity’s Armory In New Halo 5: Guardians Content


A slew of brand new content is on its way to Halo 5: Guardians before the end of this month, allowing you to stock up on some shiny new gear in multiplayer arenas. The content update is known as Infinity’s Armory and it is set to be released into the game before January’s end, meaning we should see it arrive in around a week.

The new update will bring plenty to get excited about, including two new maps, three new armour sets and a new legendary weapon. There will also be new REQs, skins and various other cosmetics added to the mix.

The two maps will each focus on a separate game mode; Riptide is an arena map and will be a Fathom remix. Urban, on the other hand, is the Warzone Assault variant of Noctus, which was part of the last Halo 5: Guardians update from December.

You can check out the launch trailer for Infinity’s Armoury at the top of the page, and feast your eyes on a bunch of screenshots detailing some of the new content in the gallery below.

If you’re yet to suss Halo 5: Guardians out for yourself, why not check out our review right here and see what we thought of the game when it released back in October?

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