ESRB Rates Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For PS3

The ESRB has re-rated Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PlayStation 3, giving us a pretty clear signal that Rockstar’s PS2-era classic will soon be headed to Sony’s PlayStation Store.

San Andreas‘ new rating joins a similar ESRB listing for Vice City on the PS3, and comes just days after the announcement of a 10th Anniversary version of that game on iOS/Android. Considering that Grand Theft Auto III hit the PSN and mobile this year, it seems highly likely that both of these GTA games are making the same rounds.

Here’s hoping that Rockstar gets all their licensing deals tied down before they announce official release dates.

On a related note, rumored advertising material showed up on the Internet over the weekend that claims Grand Theft Auto V will be released next spring. If there is any truth to that, it would seem that what we are seeing with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Vice City, and III is a hype build up for the latest game’s release.

We will keep an eye out on all GTA fronts and keep you posted as soon as anything turns up.

Source: Joystiq