Europa Universalis IV Gets New Wealth Of Nations Expansion


Paradox Interactive has officially announced the next expansion for their empire building simulation with Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations

Building your empire in Wealth of Nations will require you to master a range of new features that emphasize a new focus on trading. Expect to find yourself provoking trade conflicts, hiring pirates to steal goods from your competitors, establishing the East India Company and even creating a bustling trade capital for your nation.

Wealth of Nations is introducing numerous ways for players to directly influence the wealth of the world within the game, and you can check out the full breakdown of features below:

  • The Invisible Hand of the Market: You can act covertly to instigate trade conflicts among the competition, stifling income and leaving yourself atop the economic heap.
  • Seize the Seas: Hiring privateers can damage enemy shipments and cripple their trade, but risks retaliation in the form of open warfare if you are caught.
  • Capitalize: Empires can designate a specific port as their trade capital, separate from their national capital, and strengthen local trade routes through the use of inland trade nodes.
  • Monopolize and Mobilize: Form an East India Company and reach faraway trade partners with an unstoppable shipping concern.

Are you excited about the next expansion for the empire building sim? Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below, and share your plans for creating the world’s greatest empire.

Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations is set to pass through your digital download port in Q2 2014.