EVE Online Goes Free-To-Play In November With New Clone States System


Spacefaring sci-fi MMO EVE Online will adopt a free-to-play model come this November, developer CCP Games has confirmed via an in-depth video posted on YouTube.

Launched way back in 2003 exclusively for PC, EVE Online puts players in the shoes of a capsule pilot and then sets them on their way to carve out an existence in its universe. Whether your ultimate goal is to become the leader of a huge Corporation (guild), an infamous space pirate or just a simple drifter that mines asteroids for a living, CCP Games prioritizes player freedom above all else with EVE Online, not wanting to direct you down a predetermined path.

CCP says that EVE was always designed with a subscription model in mind, and that option will still exist, as the introduction of a new Clone States system will enable potential newcomers to explore the game’s universe without having to spend a dime.

For a detailed explanation of how the changes will work and what they mean for existing players as well as new, you’re best bet is to watch the video up above, but the general gist of it is that two states will be introduced in November that bestow different benefits.

Alpha State members will have access to the majority of EVE Online‘s world, but will train skills at a slower rate and only be able to obtain up to a certain tier of ships. Omega State players, on the other hand, are those that have an active subscription, and provides full access to all existing content as well as Advanced Skills.