Everyone Loves This Viral Spider Train Horror Game


Just in time for Halloween, a new open-world horror game starring a giant spider train named Charles is taking the internet by storm. It’s called Choo-Choo Charles, and it’s unsettling in all the best ways.

The premise is fairly straightforward. You’re a first-person protagonist in control of a cute yellow train on a mysterious island full of locals. Your job is to comb the island for upgrades to your train and complete tasks for the villagers, all while avoiding the murderous tendencies of Charles.

You get a map, a mounted machine gun on the back of the train, and some fun bobbleheads on the dashboard of your locomotive. Once you upgrade your train enough, you can hopefully take on Charles and murder him before he murders you.

Social media mentions of the game exploded over the weekend, with most people commenting on the game’s concept and visuals.

There are some neat intricacies to give the gameplay some added depth. While the titular murderous choo-choo train has spider legs, the player can only travel on tracks with the yellow train. Sometimes you’ll have to get out on foot and switch the tracks, which adds to the suspense.

The upgrade mechanic seems simple enough, with ways to beef up the player’s train’s health, speed, damage, and armor. The upgrades also change the player’s train’s aesthetic, making it look more like a Mad Max vehicle with bulk and visible armor.

And then there’s Charles, who is straight out of a nightmare. He has red lips, white clown makeup, and viciously serrated teeth. According to the game’s description on Steam, Charles exists to “eat the flesh of puny humans.” Fun!

The game’s spooky setting is reminiscent of a Silent Hill or a Resident Evil vibe, with the requisite fog, spooky forest, and beach locales throughout. Despite a 2022 release date, the game went viral over the weekend, with a majority of people gushing over its unique concept and unsettling visuals.

Choo-Choo Charles may not be ready for the Halloween season, but it can currently be wishlisted on Steam.