The Evil Within Gets A Season Pass For Three Add-Ons


Whether or not you enjoy the pre-order culture that has pervaded the gaming scene in the past few years, it looks like the trend won’t be passing anytime soon. However, if pre-orders are your thing, then here’s a bit of good news: Bethesda has announced a season pass for The Evil Within, the Shinji Mikami survival-horror project that is taking its time getting released.

Settling on a price of $19.99, the season pass will offer fans three add-on packs for the game that will become available post-release. The first of the three will focus on the character of The Keeper (aka Boxman) and will include a “sadistic” collection of mission-based maps. The latter two will be story-based additions that follow Juli Kidman, who serves as protagonist Sebastian Castellanos’ “mysterious partner.”

While the direction of Kidman’s chapters can’t quite be determined until The Evil Within is finally released, The Keeper’s add-on sounds like a fascinating opportunity to bring out the sadist in gamers. Being able to play as a villain is obviously not a new idea in the medium, but it’s rare to play as a baddie who is more than a re-skinned version of the hero. Whether you’ll be able to terrorize characters in sickening ways or stalk other players online remains to be seen, but The Evil Within definitely has a chance to try something fresh with this add-on.

Of course, whether or not any of this content will be worth trying out depends on how good the game itself turns out to be. If you’ve already got The Evil Within pre-ordered, you’ll be able to add the season pass on soon, although no official date has been announced yet.

Stay tuned for more news about Mikami’s (hopefully) terrifying scarefest as it is released, and be sure to pick up The Evil Within when it drops on October 14.

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