New Evil Within Update Adds First-Person Mode, UI Improvements And More

The Evil Within

The Evil Within has just arrived on Xbox Game Pass for PC and brings with it several features not available in any other version.

An incredibly odd development, of course, considering Tango Gameworks’ survival horror is inching towards seven years old but here we are, nonetheless, covering what has turned out to be quite a sizeable update indeed. Unlike the original Steam or console releases, this iteration of Sebastian Castellanos’ surreal nightmare not only includes various user interface improvements, but an all-new way to play.

Folks who experienced it back in 2014 will no doubt recall that Seb’s story was told through a third-person perspective similar to classic era Resident Evil, but the creator of both, industry legend Shinji Mikami, has seemingly decided that the time is now right to go back and retroactively introduce a second option.

Anyone who downloads The Evil Within through Game Pass can access the first-person mode, which will undoubtedly provide a neat spin on the well-received title. It’s worth noting that 2017’s sequel included a similar option not long after launch, so this is likely a case of Tango having finally found the time (and perfect opportunity) to maintain consistency across both. As for whether users on different platforms can expect the same deal to be added in a future patch, that remains to be seen.

We’ll keep you abreast of any changes on that front, but if you simply can’t wait, we’d advise you to head on over to the Xbox Store on PC. Every item in the Game Pass library is free to download with a subscription, after all, so there’s no upfront cost to be concerned about for existing members.