Evolve’s Third Monster Wraith Is A Devious Force Of Nature


There’s a new monster in town for Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve after the company took to the game’s official blog to unveil that the third playable behemoth will be Wraith — a Grim Reaper-esque force of nature that has been billed as a stealthy assassin.

This announcement means that Wraith will join the hulking ranks alongside Goliath and the Kraken, and Turtle Rock has now provided a brief blurb of the new recruit.

Wraith is the stealthy assassin. She’s a space alien ninja Monster who warps around the battlefield, ripping into her enemies with her blade-claws. She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming.

It’s understood that Wraith will be the third and final playable monstrosity when the team-based shooter arrives in February — though the studio has hinted that more creations are indeed brewing in the pits of development — and going off of the reveal trailer above, the latest addition looks to be the most tactical yet.

Whereas the Goliath and Kraken offer brute strength and devastating lightning attacks, respectively, Wraith has been aligned as the archetypal rogue of the bunch, with players having the ability to utilise decoys along with a cunning warp and pounce move. Equipped with razor-sharp scythes, the alien ninja is no doubt a formidable opponent — or playable monster, depending on your choice of play — and it’ll be fascinating to see how Turtle Rock balance the dynamic between the hunters and this new-fangled beast.

Wraith will look to pick apart your fireteam one by one when Evolve roars onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 10, 2015.