Exclusive Interview: Martin Jonasson Talks Twofold Inc.

In 2013, Martin Janasson went from being a developer that some knew from his work in game jams to a successful developer thanks to his minimalist real-time strategy game rymdkapsel. The stylish take on what is generally a complex genre was a huge success on both iOS and Android, and the game was later ported to PC and PlayStation Mobile.

Now, Martin is about to launch his latest effort, a unique puzzle game for mobile phones. Titled twofold inc., this mobile exclusive looks to excel at the pick-up and play nature that have made gaming on the go so popular.

We Got This Covered recently spoke with Martin Jonasson about his new game and during the course of our discussion he talked about his advice for breaking into the mobile scene, pricing structures, whether he has any interest in the console market or not and much more.

Check it out below, and enjoy!

We Got This Covered: How would you describe twofold inc.’s gameplay to someone who hasn’t seen the game?

Martin Jonasson: [Players] scroll the playfield to unravel the tiles, then make a path to clear them away.

We Got This Covered: There are a lot of puzzle games on iOS, what makes twofold inc. unique and stand out from the rest?

MJ: It is definitely a puzzle game, there’s no escaping that. I happen to think it’s a new and interesting one that allows you to grow with it and opens up new strategies as you get better. It also looks great!

WGTC: Since the game features never-ending levels, how do you keep players wanting to play the game? Is there a sense of progression?

MJ: The long-game is getting a good score, there are leaderboards where you can beat your friends and all that. There are no unlocks or anything like that, just pure puzzle.

WGTC: Players will immediately see that twofold inc. has a fantastic art style. How important was it for the game to not only play well, but also look great?

MJ: The art style has grown with the game from day one, it’s always been an integrated part of the inner workings of the game. I never add a mechanic unless I can work out a clever way to represent it visually, and sometimes things do work themselves over from being a visual effect to something that actually has an effect on the rules. It’s one of the greatest benefits of being a one man team. I can internalize all of that and try and make the very best of something complex.

WGTC: Are there any plans to bring twofold inc. to PC at a later date?

MJ: Not currently, but it’s not entirely out of the question.

WGTC: Grapefrukt’s previous release, rymdkapsel, really put the studio on the map. Do you expect it twofold inc. to be as much of a success for you?

MJ: That would be nice, but those are some big shoes to fill so I don’t dare get my hopes up. If it does even a fraction as well as rymdkapsel, I’m happy!