Expansion Pass For Homefront: The Revolution Contains Three Single Player Packs


Homefront: The Revolution released across North America earlier this week, and today, Deep Silver have confirmed that that expansion pass will contain single-player campaign add-ons, as well as two exclusive bonuses for use in the online co-op Resistance Mode.

The first two expansions – The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath – will add new districts and supposedly offer “several hours” of content on top of the 30-odd hour campaign from the base game. In a fairly standard release schedule, the third and largest expansion, titled Beyond the Walls, will be more substantial than the first two, and is expected to come out sometime in 2017.

While the schedule for these single-player expansions sounds encouraging, they’re qualified with a “currently planned” note which suggests Deep Silver may not be entirely confident in the future of their game at this stage.

For the pass’ Resistance Mode perks, Supply Line will provide a free Resistance Crate each week while The Right Kind of School unlocks three new starting backgrounds—ATF Agent, G-Man, and US Marshall—for Resistance Mode characters. Deep Silver have also confirmed that a bunch of new Resistance Mode missions will be released in June at no charge. This will be the same for all future Resistance Mode missions as well.

You can pick up Homefront: The Revolution and its expansion pass right now. And if you’re still on the fence about the game, check out our review of the shooter to see what we thought of it.