Watch Battlefield 1’s Explosive Single-Player Reveal Trailer


Following a tantalizing teaser posted on the official Battlefield 1 Twitter yesterday, DICE and EA have released the long-awaited single-player trailer for the World War I shooter, giving us a more in depth look at the characters, countries and battles we’ll be growing accustomed to come next month.

You can watch the entire thing above, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching scenes you wouldn’t normally associate with the Great War – sequences depicting trench warfare are used sparingly in the trailer, with DICE seemingly preferring to focus instead on some of the other battles that took place across Europe at the height of the conflict.

No characters are explicitly named during the trailer, but several are shown conversing before readying up for deployment. If the 2 minute-long video is anything to go by, there’s going to be a lot of emphasis placed on the themes of camaraderie and finding comfort in friendship and companionship while facing the horrors of war.

Regardless of how Battlefield 1‘s single-player campaign turns out, there’s no denying how visually stunning its set pieces look. Roll on October 21.

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