Extended Gameplay Demo For Prey Spotlights Powers, Tools, Weapons And Aliens


Still pining for more Prey content after The Game Awards? Bethesda and Arkane have you covered.

While last night’s snippet showcased some of the nightmarish dangers on board Talos I, the retro-futuristic space station orbiting Earth, both parties have now turned attention to the core mechanics of Prey with an extended, 8-minute gameplay trailer. Featuring commentary from the game’s Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare, the demo opens with Colantonio and Bare confirming that players will enjoy a healthy amount of freedom as they explore every nook and cranny of their surroundings.

Doing so will see you encounter some of the strange alien creatures that populate the ship. Created as a by-product of “morally dubious experiments” conducted by the nefarious TranStar Corporation, those shadowy extra-terrestrials will be integral to Prey‘s plot, and you’ll even be able to acquire alien abilities to solve puzzles and the like as you progress.

Powers. Tools. Weapons. Aliens. And a massive space station. In signature style, Arkane Studios’ sci-fi thriller blends simulation and narration, dropping you into a carefully crafted world, then setting you free to play as you want. Watch almost nine minutes of pure Prey gameplay, with some light narration from Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare.

With a sprinkling of Alien: Isolation and a dollop of Dead Space, Prey is shaping up to be one of the more intriguing shooters going into 2017. It’s headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC, though there’s currently no mention of a specific release date. Below, you’ll see that Arkane’s sequel/reboot is the current cover star of January’s Game Informer, so expect plenty of exciting tidbits to emerge in the coming weeks.