Extreme Sports Title Steep Pegged For Early December Launch, Watch New Trailer


Throw on the winter gear and get ready to hit those slopes; Steep, the extreme sports title in the works over at Ubisoft, has been pegged for release across PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 2.

News hails from the ongoing Gamescom conference, where the French publisher unveiled the latest pulse-pounding trailer for its new IP. Pre-order perks were also confirmed, and those who choose to secure their copy of either the Standard or Gold Edition of Steep will open up The Moonlight content pack. In it, players will find three extra night challenges, a trio of night outfits, the Wingsuit Rocket Flare, and glowing equipment for each activity (ski, snowboard, wingsuit, and paraglide).

It should be noted that the Season Pass will be included in the premium Gold Edition, with further details expected to be revealed closer to release. Until then, here’s an overview of Steep:

With development led by Ubisoft Annecy [Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubisoft Kiev are associate studios], Steep takes players onto the peaks of mountains of the Alps with exhilarating action sports that include skiing, wingsuiting, snowboarding and paragliding. These sports establish a never seen before freedom to explore the game’s open world, allowing players to choose the way they ride and play.

Riders can travel the Alps solo or drop in side-by-side with friends and other riders to discover a wide range of activities for them to put their skills to the test, compete and share the most insane tricks and trails ever captured on the slopes. Designed for a generation that’s all about sharing their experiences with the world, Steep encourages players to challenge their friends to see who truly comes out on top of the world.

Slotting into a similar timeframe as Just Cause 3, Ubisoft’s Steep is now set to arrive for PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 2.

Source: PSLS