Beyond Eyes Is A Sight To Behold, Coming This Summer To Xbox One


As part of Microsoft’s indie push at this year’s E3 press conference, the beautiful and mysterious Beyond Eyes had a new trailer premiere this morning. Though it’s hard to say at this point what the gameplay will be like, the trailer confirms that Beyond Eyes will be first available on consoles with Xbox One, and that it’s coming this summer.

The game’s story has the player guiding Rae, a blind young girl, as she sets out to find her missing friend. The emotionally charged footage doesn’t offer much in the way of clear gameplay interaction, but as Rae walks around through the various environments, her senses paint a portrait of what’s nearby. And what a portrait it is. The game’s watercolor aesthetic is a real stunner and looks absolutely beautiful.

See the above trailer to get a taste of the pretty things you’ll get to gawk at soon enough when Beyond Eyes arrives on Xbox One this summer.