F1 2015 Pegged For June Release, Codemasters Claims Racer Is A “Superb Step Forward” Toward Realism


After patiently waiting for an announcement, fans of the long-running franchise will be pleased to hear that Codemasters has slated F1 2015 for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in June.

Boasting a hoard of new in-game features, the latest installment in the series will bring about the all-new Pro Season mode, not to mention a heavy emphasis on recreating the fever pitch atmosphere of race day through F1’s Grand Prix. But the studio was also quick to draw attention to the game’s finer details lurking beneath the hood, and how F1 2015 is considered as a “superb step” towards über realism.

“The handling model offers enhancements and additions in over 20 areas, including engine and transmission, aerodynamics, fuel tank, force feedback, suspension and most notably a brand new tyre physics model, to recreate the breathtaking handling characteristics of the world’s fastest and most responsive racing cars.

“In particular our new tyre model is a superb step forward towards realism, letting you explore where the limit is and allowing you to instantly feel much more connected with the car. You can now experience the changes in grip caused by temperature changes, wear, car set-up, debris and weather conditions.”

Codemasters bore the brunt of a community backlash last year when it opted to release F1 2014 on last-gen consoles and PC. However, the studio is looking to make amends by including all of the tracks and cars found within last year’s release as bonus content, which will also take advantage of the new-fangled bells, whistles and the aforementioned handling system.

F1 2015 will drift onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in June.