Fable Legends May Not Be Dead After All, Report Claims


Despite the fact that Microsoft opted to close the doors of Lionhead Studios for good, and therefore cease development on Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends, a report by MCV claims to have spoken to a few former employees of the studio who say that the game could still see a release under the banner of a new independent studio.

Microsoft made the announcement last month that UK-based studio Lionhead was to be closed and work on all projects ceased, but according to comments made by ex-Lionhead employees to MCV, Fable Legends – which was very close to completion – could still be released.

According to the staff members, they’re “being surveyed as to whether they would like to continue working” on Fable Legends, “or just accept the redundancy package that has been put before them.” The report continues to explain that one of the sources has said that certain former employees have been considering the idea of opening an independent studio to restart work on the game, assuming Microsoft gives them the go-ahead.

MCV attempted to reach Microsoft over the specifics of its report, but they declined to address the possibility of development on Fable Legends continuing, saying:

We aren’t sharing additional details beyond that we have ceased development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees at Lionhead about our proposed closure of the studio as well.

It’s tough to see a project you’ve spent potentially years working on be scrapped before it even sees the light of day, but it’s made all the more worse when said product was already so close to release. If Fable Legends truly is gone for good, your only chance to play it will be if you have access to the game’s closed beta. You better act fast though, it closes down next week, on April 13.

Source: VideoGamer