Fable Legends Micro-Transaction Pricing Leaked By Beta Tester


A beta tester has reportedly broken a non-disclosure agreement to reveal the micro-transactions for the upcoming Fable Legends. The free-to-play title is currently scheduled for a rough 2016 release date, and its closed beta testing is a crucial part of the tidying process in its late development stages.

In a Reddit thread – amusingly titled “Here’s one reason Fable Legends is going to suck,” – a user has embedded an apparent screenshot from the game’s beta build that reveals there will likely be some pretty hefty premium content on offer.

You can check out the screenshot itself at the bottom of this page, but the summary of the transactions it demonstrates are as follows:

  • Pound of Gold (850 pieces) — $5
  • Mark of Gold (1850 pieces) — $10
  • Stone of Gold (2850 pieces) – $15
  • Hundredweight of Gold (6000 pieces) – $30
  • Ton of Gold (12,800 pieces) – $60

While this doesn’t give any indication as to how essential or intrusive these types of transactions will be for the gameplay, it’s still a pretty damning inditement of a game that Lionhead Studios have continuously insisted is truly available as a fully free-to-play experience. Let’s just hope that they are able to live up to their word when Fable Legends eventually launches next year.

Fable Legends screen