Faith Returns In Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst; Release Date Set For February 23rd, 2016


Many thought it was never going to happen after the modest sales that the first Mirror’s Edge achieved, but now it’s real – protagonist Faith is returning in her very own sequel.

The first game, a free-running/first-person shooter hybrid set in a dystopian, oppressive society, is set to continue with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and it’s coming on February 23rd, 2016. The reveal trailer proudly shown off at EA’s E3 conference splices together gameplay and cinematic cut-scenes, all noted by the video to be captured with the in-game engine.


The series’ strengths undoubtedly lie in its unique platforming mechanics, and they’re returning in full force for Catalyst. Footage of gunplay, however, is noticeably absent in the trailer, but given the lukewarm reception that aspect of the original had, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it removed entirely.

Thankfully, rumors that the series was being entirely rebooted have proven to be false. The minimalist designs of the game’s cityscapes and its high-contrast colors are all still present, and Catalyst genuinely looks beautiful.

Tell us, what’s your reaction been to the first trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst? Are you impressed that EA has seemingly given the sequel a huge budget despite its predecessors less-than-stellar financial success? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.