EA Promises Early Fall Beta For Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline Cover

Another public beta is in the cards for EA’s Battlefield Hardline and it is said to be slated for sometime in early fall, in advance of the game’s scheduled October 21st release date. The first beta for Battlefield Hardline ended on June 26th for PlayStation 4 and PC, several weeks after it was announced at the 2014 Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3).

For EA, the news of another beta later this fall suggests they are trying to avoid the errors that plagued Battlefield 4 upon its release on next-generation consoles. The game runs in mostly smooth form online nowadays, but as recently as several months ago, users experienced rampant disconnection, lagging, and other annoyances during online play.

Since online play looks to be an integral part of the Battlefield Hardline experience, EA is seeking to avoid the perils of Battlefield 4’s launch with another round of beta testing. EA CEO Andrew Wilson called the shaky launch of the previous title in the series “unacceptable” and with an another beta now on the way, it seems EA may prioritize additional testing for future releases.

Battlefield Hardline offers a new spin on the Battlefield franchise, with gameplay experiences that revolve around bank robberies. It also offers four new game modes: Heist, Blood Money, Hotwire Mode, and Rescue. The game definitely has the potential to be a memorable experience, so hopefully the additional beta testing will help to ensure a top-tier experience this time around.

Source: Joystiq