Fallout 4 Far Harbor Re-Released On PS4


As a means to combat a host of performance issues, Bethesda has recently released an updated version of Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC on PS4. Affected players looking for a smoother experience should, according to the company, head over to the Playstation Network and re-download the expansion.

The new version is currently only available in North America, but according to the Bethesda Twitter account, the EU store will update in the “very near future.”

Bethesda’s recommended route for reinstalling is stated below:

  • Confirm Fallout 4 is not running. Highlight Fallout 4 in your PS4 dashboard, press OPTIONS, and select CLOSE APPLICATION to ensure Fallout 4 is not running minimized.
  • Select RELATED ITEMS. You’ll find this under the Fallout 4 icon in the PS4 dashboard.
  • Select MY ADD-ONS.
  • Navigate to the DOWNLOAD ARROW next to Far Harbor and select it.
  • You should see a notice that Far Harbor has been Added to Downloads.
  • Wait for the downloadable content to finish downloading and installing before starting Fallout 4.

As a consequence of resolving the disastrous 20fps, the new version should see improvements to the lamented fog, among a number of other things.

Tell us, have you downloaded Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor DLC yet? If so, how is it performing for you? Let us know by commenting below!

Source: VG247