Official Fallout 4 Mod Support Pegged For April Release On PC, Consoles To Follow


Official Fallout 4 mod support will make its debut for those on PC come April, according to Game Director Todd Howard, with a console release to follow thereafter.

Speaking to Game Informer regarding the RPG’s newly unveiled DLC plans, Howard noted that Bethesda “wants to get it up on PC and have it work” before expanding mod support across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Should the studio stick to the April release plan for PC, expect the much-anticipated feature to hit Xbox One in May and finally PlayStation 4 in June.

When quizzed about Fallout 4‘s expansions specifically – Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor – Howard had some new details to share about the former, comparing the progression system to the one found in Pokémon.

“The first one, Automatron, has a little quest line and this Pokemon-esque ‘kill robots, get their parts, build your own’ [gameplay],” Howard explained. “The Wasteland Workshop DLC is obviously for Workshop people. We wanted it to scratch that itch of ‘Can I build my own Thunderdome?'”

Despite the lack of official support, early adopters of Fallout 4 have played around beneath the hood of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG, from dynamic seasons to Thomas the Tank Engine. Expect Bethesda’s official mods to begin rolling out for those on PC first by April, with an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release to follow shortly thereafter.

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