Fallout 4 Shows Us How To Charm Your Way To The Top


There’s a lot that makes you special in Fallout 4and a winning smile is one of them. Developer Bethesda knows just how far charm can go in the post-apocalypse, so the real question is, do you?

The latest in its series of how-to primers for our return to the Wasteland this fall, Bethesda’s video tutorial above illustrates the power of charisma in making friends, pacifying enemies and avoiding a fork in the eye from an unfriendly face.

Charisma can also aid in bartering with passing strangers for valuable items if you know how to work a deal. Additionally, your charisma may help save you from a nasty hangover in the morning after a few drinks with a buddy or two.

Fallout 4 journeys to Boston this November 10th and will offer a $30 season pass that includes all the DLC that Bethesda plans to produce for the game, with the first pieces of content dropping sometime in early 2016.

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