Fallout 4’s Survival Mode Has Left Beta, Console Version Expected Soon


As the long-awaited Creation Kit enters open beta testing, Fallout 4‘s already-tested Survival Mode moves in the opposite direction and is now live for all PC players. The 1.5 update is active through Steam, and it includes the revamped Survival challenge along with several other improvements and optimizations.

The new update brings support for the upcoming Far Harbor DLC and adds an optimization to make third person camera control much more functional when the player’s character is close to an object or building wall – a more than welcome fix.

Most importantly, however, the 1.5 update fully introduces the Survival Mode to all PC players, following the waves of feedback received during the beta phase. All of the additional challenges are added to the game with this mode active, and characters set under the Survival difficulty will appear under their own filter in the Character Selection.

Bethesda’s notes for the update also confirm that the console release for this new update is expected soon, with many believing this to mean PS4 and Xbox One players could get the refreshed Survival Mode sometime next week.

Take a look at all of the details within Fallout 4‘s latest update in the notes over at Bethesda’s community boards and let us know if you’re still logging hours on the game.

Source: Bethesda