Fallout Shelter Headed To Xbox One And Windows 10 Next Week

Bethesda’s hit mobile game Fallout Shelter will be available to play on Xbox One and Windows 10 next week, February 7, Microsoft has announced. A spinoff of the popular RPG series and released during Bethesda’s unveiling of Fallout 4, Shelter tasks players with micromanaging their own underground Vault and its residents in order to safeguard them from the irradiated dangers that lie in wait above ground. As is the case with the existing iOS, Android and PC versions, you’ll be able to download the game digitally for free.

In place of a one-time purchase, an in-game store allows players to purchase 50s-inspired lunchboxes with real money, which contain various items, including new Dwellers, items and gear to equip them with. Not all your inhabitants are content with living in beneath the earth, you see: you can send scout parties outside in order to scavenge for supplies and loot that will benefit your own personal civilization. Just don’t forget to close the Vault door behind you, lest you want your carefully cultivated Dwellers to be savaged by a horde of Deathclaws.

As an added bonus, Microsoft’s inducted Fallout Shelter into its Xbox Play Anywhere program too, so all progress, save data and Achievements will carry over between devices. You’ll never have to miss a beat. If you’re new to this whole Overseer malarkey, head over to our archive here for a quick primer of all the new features that have been added to the game since it launched.

With an Xbox One release now confirmed, the only platform left to welcome Fallout Shelter is PlayStation 4. It remains to be seen if Sony is interested in such a port, however.

Source: Xbox Wire