Fallout Shelter Patch 1.7 Introduces Nuka-World Mascots Bottle And Cappy


Bethesda’s super popular mobile-turned-PC game Fallout Shelter has received an update today, which introduces new characters, events and quests for all Vault Overseers to enjoy.

Patch 1.7, which should be live now on all platforms, is your first chance to meet Bottle and Cappy, the two mascots you’ll be meeting in Fallout 4‘s Nuka-World expansion, but you won’t just be doing a meet and greet with them outside your Vault, they’ll be staying within its walls as guests if you manage to complete a special event that’s themed around the former game’s final slice of DLC.

True to their names, tapping on either mascot will award you with a free helping of caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum. Handy, as a new feature added with the patch allows players to skip unwanted weekly quests by sacrificing a bottle of the glowing blue liquid.

Speaking of weekly quests, they appear every Friday and offer various rewards upon completion. This week’s update for Fallout Shelter is just the latest in a long line of continued support for the spinoff title. New rooms and crafting items, along with a menagerie’s worth of pets for you to tame and collect are also available.