Fallout Shelter Reaches A New Audience; Now Available On Android


The hugely-successful mobile game, Fallout Shelter, has made its way onto Android devices today, following statements by Bethesda that it would be releasing on August 13.

Initially launched on iOS as part of a surprise announcement at this year’s E3, Fallout Shelter rocketed straight up to the number one spot on Apple’s app store, recording an insane 70 million play sessions per day. The release on Android will undoubtedly ensure the continued success of the rather excellent game, and Bethesda is celebrating its release with various new features and updates, chief among them a Mr. Handy companion.

Part of a premium reward, players will be able to task Mr. Handy with collecting resources, defending the Vault from unwanted attacks by bandits and even send him out on scouting missions for additional rewards. Hallelujah, no longer will you have to risk sending out an essential Vault Dweller on such risky ventures and be stuck wondering if they’re ever going to come back alive. For those that already own the game on iOS, Bethesda has stated that the update will be available at the same time as the Android version.

Fallout Shelter tasks the player with constructing, expanding and maintaining an underground Vault as the Overseer, while also attracting new members to stimulate growth. If you haven’t already, give it a try – it’s free to download and a ton of fun to play.

Source: VG247