Famitsu Leaks Street Fighter V Character Laura Ahead Of Official Announcement


Whew, the Street Fighter V details are coming thick and fast today. We’ve only just had the news that Zangief is returning for the beat ’em up and, less than a day after that announcement, Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has just – accidentally – revealed another one.

The link to the official page has since been taken down – probably due to the publication noticing the obvious error – but that hasn’t prevented multiple Street Fighter enthusiasts from having downloaded the leaked images before they were pulled.

The possibility of a fake is always present, but you can take a look at the pictures for yourself and see how convincing they look. The name Laura has already popped up on numerous leaked lists as one of the brand new characters Capcom have created for Street Fighter V, so the possibility that the leak is fake is looking rather slim.

Besides, Laura’s animations and moves look way too good to be a quick Photoshop job. Judging from what has trickled out so far, Laura is a Brazillian fighter who utilizes the power of electricity to supplement her melee attacks. Such abilities are inevitably going to attract comparisons with the iconic Blanka, but whether Laura is related to the feral-like, green beast remains to be seen.