F.A.N.G. Is The Final Street Fighter V Launch Combatant; Six Post-Launch Characters Confirmed


The final piece of the Street Fighter V launch roster has been revealed, as Capcom’s Yoshinori Oni announced F.A.N.G. during today’s PlayStation Experience show. Oni also revealed which fighters would be returning to the franchise as part of the post-launch content scheduled for 2016.

A newcomer to the world of Street Fighter, F.A.N.G., which is an anagram and not his actual name, works for M. Bison’s evil Shadaloo organization. Sporting some unusually long limbs, the fighter is one of the stranger combatants to join the roster. In the brief footage we got, he slides under attacks, shoots poison and flies into someone like a bird.

As previously revealed, Street Fighter V will also be receiving six additional post-launch fighters sometime during 2016. After weeks of speculation, Ono finally revealed who fans can look forward to fighting with once again. Pulling from every main iteration of the franchise, fan favorites Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, Alex and Urien are the six future DLC characters.

Alongside the character reveal, Ono confirmed that the title will be receiving a Season Pass, which can actually be purchased right now. Carrying a cost of $29.99, the pass will definitely include all six new fighters, but it was not clarified if anything else would be included. The pass can either be purchased in one lump transaction, or you can use Zenny, Capcom’s in-game currency for the game, to purchase each character separately.

Street Fighter V is scheduled to launch on February 16, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.