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Fans Are Going Crazy Over The New BioShock Announcement

Cloud Chamber's fourth BioShock sequel was announced recently and fans are buzzing with excitement wondering where the studio will take the franchise next.


While the original BioShock took the gaming world by storm way back in 2007, it’s fair to say that 2K Games’ dystopian sci-fi horror series has seen diminishing returns with its subsequent sequels.

BioShock 2, for example, was a decent-yet-uninspired trip back to Rapture, as you stepped into the diving boots of the first ever Big Daddy: Subject Delta. Indeed, though the second installment captured the authentic mood and atmosphere of the franchise, it also failed to live up to the narrative heights of its predecessor, while shoehorning in a competitive multiplayer component that nobody asked for.

2013’s BioShock Infinite fared better with both fans and critics, but still didn’t quite resonate with the series’ hardcore purists. Some fans consider the third title in Ken Levine’s acclaimed franchise to be a pretty mixed bag storytelling-wise and gameplay-wise. Personally, I found that limiting the amount of weapons you could carry to only two and the removal of hacking and research game mechanics, combined with the lack of meaningful choices – that were prevalent in its predecessors – relegated Infinite to a fun-yet-unfulfilling adventure overall. That being said, the sky city setting was cool AF, so I still remember that entry in the series pretty fondly.

Which finally brings us to Cloud Chamber’s upcoming fourth BioShock installment that was announced recently, and unsurprisingly fans are buzzing with excitement in anticipation for where the studio will take the iconic dystopian horror franchise next.


So, there you have it. Despite some negativity towards BioShock Infinite, the majority of fans are pumped to see where newly-formed developer – Cloud Chamber – take the franchise in its next installment. And with the possibility that the newly announced sequel may be releasing sooner than you think, we can’t wait to finally get our mitts on a brand new BioShock game.

But what say you? Tell us, are you excited to return to the world of BioShock? Or would you prefer that the series was dropped into the deepest part of the ocean and left to rust? Let us know in the usual place down below.

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