Fans Aren’t Happy About Pokémon Go’s Newest Event

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has been on a hot streak of success with its millions-strong player base as of late.

The mobile title, which released to a colossal wave of initial hype, tapered off in popularity due, in large part, to developer Niantic’s inability to provide regular content and gameplay additions. Three years on, current sentiment couldn’t be more different. Player versus player battles, bonafide trading, quests and myriad more ‘Mons to catch have been introduced in-game since those rocky first few months and as a result, Pokémon Go is one of the best mobile titles currently on the market.

It’s far from perfect (what is?) though and sadly, Niantic has inadvertently caused upset among large swathes of the player base with the game’s latest update. The frustration this time around comes as a result of a returning event from earlier this year.

Available through Special Research Breakthrough quests for the next two months will be Flower Crown Eevee. This version of the critter comes adorned with special flowery headwear but is otherwise identical to its normal counterpart. Despite what you might suspect, the outcry hasn’t been born out of reducing Flower Crown Eevee’s exclusive nature but rather, because the event has replaced existing Field Research rewards.

Until now, completing Field Research goals for seven days on the trot had a chance of yielding special encounters with Legendary Pokémon like Groudon or Kyogre. Flower Crown Eevee’s arrival means those aforementioned catches are now inaccessible for the next two months, which has unsurprisingly resulted in the current negativity. Furthermore, and for reasons currently unknown, players are reporting that wild Eevee – usually plentiful – have ceased to exist, leading many to believe that Niantic has pulled them from circulation. Strange, to say the least.

While we await confirmation from the horse’s mouth of Eevee’s disappearing act, feel free to let us know if you’ve had any sightings of the critter since Pokémon Go‘s Flower Crown event went live.