Fans loves Tony Hawk’s hilarious coffee shop anecdote

Photo by Stig Nygaard

When it comes to professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, the man is an absolute household name for a few really good reasons. Not only did he arguably bring the extreme sport into the mainstream by pioneering a number of impressive tricks — including completing the first documented “900” move in 1999 — but he’s also helped bring a series of legendary hit video games named after him to life.

However, another point of praise for the athlete that continues to make him resonate as a public figure with audiences is his ability to drop a good anecdote now and then and poking fun at his own fame — or seeming lack-thereof in this case.

Hawk took to Twitter Friday to recount a late-night talk show-worthy funny story about being mistaken for someone else for a coffee shop — sort of.

Apparently, a cashier at a caffeine fill-up station unironically told the icon Friday morning, “Has anyone told you that you look like Tony Hawk?”

The athlete then responded wryly, “yes, so much that I sometimes write about it.”

After receiving his coffee and heading for the exit, another costume leaned over to him to remark, “You really do look like him.”

This ironic series of exchanges was all recounted by Hawk on Twitter, gratefully.

Fans were absolutely splitting their sides over the anecdote, with one user even saying it was their “fav Twitter content.”

Hawk has shared similar stories in the past, a seemingly common enough occurrence that it was one fan’s goal to actually recognize the skateboarder should they encounter him in real life.

Another user poignantly pointed out how Hawk’s tale is proof that a well-placed pair of glasses might be all you need to have a secret superhero alter ego, after all.

You’re not crazy, pal. That really is the Birdman.