Fans Share Their Reactions To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s New And Final Character Reveal

Kingdom Hearts 3

The wait is over, Sora is finally here. At today’s Mr Sakurai Presents, the series creator and director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate showed off the last character coming to the game’s comprehensive roster of iconic video game characters.

Hype for the announcement had built up since the presentation was announced at Nintendo’s last Direct. The livestream itself peaked at over 500,000 views after days of viral fan predictions online, many of which proved correct. Sora was a popular guess, alongside Doomguy, who made it in via a Mii gunner costume.

Immediately preceding the announcement was a flood of Tweets emphasizing how grateful fans are for the past two years (and many sure to come) of Smash news, events, and play. With the hashtag #ThankYouSakurai, fans expressed their gratitude:

And as the news broke that it was indeed Sora joining the battle, many had a similarly shocked reaction. “THEY DID IT” became a trending quote during the livestream:

Now that the dust has started to settle, however, the jokes are coming in:

Of course, the real news is what Kirby’s copy ability looks like, and the fanart is already hitting:

And there was one last word from each franchise’s creator: