Far Cry 4 Goes Big With Its 101 Launch Trailer


Unlike most companies, who release short and to the point launch trailers for their games, Far Cry 4‘s developers decided to take the more challenging route. The result is an eight minute-long 101 trailer, which also serves as the sandbox title’s launch promo.

Everything we’ve wanted to know about Far Cry 4 is shown here, from the game’s toy-like weaponry, to its characters, PVP and varied planes of reality.

You see, in addition to the dangerous and hectic world of Kyrat, there’s another place that your travels will take you. It’s called Shangri-la, and is a tribute to the area’s legendary past, though it looks more like an acid dream than anything else.

Take a look at this beast of a trailer, then let us know your thoughts. Are you as excited about Far Cry 4 as we are? It’s less than a week away from release, which is kind of hard to believe, and we’re itching to get our grubby little paws on it.