Far Cry Classic Coming To North America On February 11th


Ubisoft’s upcoming HD update of the original Far Cry, Far Cry Classic, will hit North American shores on February 11th, one day before it arrives in Europe. Launching on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Games Store, this will be the first time that gamers can enjoy the FPS title on consoles, as its original 2004 release only occurred on PC.

Priced at a reasonable $9.99, Far Cry Classic will come with graphical upgrades, an improved UI and more polished cutscenes, pretty much everything you could ask for from an HD update of a classic game, right?

In case you’ve forgotten, or never got around to playing the original Far Cry, it put you in the shoes of “ship captain Jack Carver, who becomes trapped on a remote tropical island and is hunted down by a squad of highly trained mercenaries.”

Upon its release, the game earned rave reviews from critics and of course, inspired several sequels. With the series at the point where it is today (standing as one of the genre’s most prestigious franchises), I’m definitely excited to re-visit the original Far Cry ten years later.

Tell us, do you have fond memories of the game that started what is now one of the best FPS series on the market? And if so, will you be picking up Far Cry Classic?