Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode Coming Next Week With Optional Permadeath


Amongst the rush of games that have recently announced survival modes, there’s perhaps none that would be as fitting as Far Cry Primal. So far, this has sadly not materialized, but Ubisoft have finally revealed that their latest instalment to the Far Cry series will be getting its own Survivor mode very soon.

In a video announcement posted to the game’s official forums, Game Director Thomas Simon confirmed that the Survivor addition would be arriving with Far Cry Primal‘s next free update. In the video, Simon announced that the mode would bring a number of immensely difficult challenges for a “very different experience with a new approach.”

Simon also confirmed that this Survivor mode will be playable in any difficulty setting, and with Permadeath available as an optional extra – you know, if you’re thinking of really putting yourself through the ringer…

An accompanying post at the Far Cry forums adds that Survivor mode introduces a stamina gauge. The mini-map is also now turned off by default and the fog of war has been strengthened. Even fast travel is a little tougher, as it will consume stamina and food. Taming beasts will also be more challenging as they’ll need to be brought to half-life before being baited and tamed.

The Survivor Mode will be coming to Far Cry Primal in a patch coming on April 12. Ubisoft will give a preview of the new mode in a Twitch livestream on April 7