Fast Racing Neo Boosts Onto The Wii U Next Week


Developer Shin’en Multimedia has announced via its Twitter feed that the Wii U exclusive, futuristic racer Fast Racing Neo will be released next week, December 10th on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99/£10.99.

As is abundantly clear from looking at its screenshots and trailer, Fast Racing Neo takes its inspiration from the likes of F-Zero and WipEout in both the look of its anti-gravity vehicles and the lightning speeds that they can reach. Only now you can enjoy all the breakneck boosting in glorious HD at 60fps.

If you are one of the F-Zero fans who are still holding out hope for Captain Falcon to return to the racetrack sometime in the future, then this may well be the next best thing, and by the looks of the awesome, action-packed trailer, it’s not a bad compromise.

The game will initially include 16 tracks that look to have players racing through canyons, deserts, deep sea tunnels, and outer space, all of which you can manoeuvre around using either motion or traditional controls. It also offers split-screen local multiplayer for up to four players and up to eight online.

You can find out for yourself if Fast Racing Neo holds up to the reputation of its high-speed racing forebears next Thursday.