Feast Your Eyes On These Dazzling New Screens For Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

With a little over a month until release, Nintendo has published a plethora of eye-catching screens for the upcoming Wii U exclusive, Super Mario 3D World. The vibrant collection of images, which you can check out in the gallery below, illustrate the cooperative mayhem between the four playable characters; namely Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach.

In keeping with the company’s heritage, some of the environments and enemy designs look fantastic. From towering sand Goombas to the new-fangled Cat Mario guise, the 26 screens also serve to hint toward some of the game’s new features. Each character, for example, has their own idiosyncratic abilities; including Peach’s gliding feature and Luigi’s signature super jump. What’s more, Super Mario 3D World will also feature the return of the Tanooki and Boomberang suits from previous Mario titles.

The game, which is essentially a spiritual successor to 2011’s Super Mario 3D Land, will combine free-roaming gameplay with the more traditional side-scrolling platforming. Though Nintendo is often criticised for releasing games within its established franchises, Super Mario 3D World looks to be brimming with gameplay ideas. Not only that, the lighting and overall aesthetic wholly confirms that the company is beginning to harness the power of the Wii U hardware to deliver a true, high-def Mario experience.

Super Mario 3D World will launch exclusively on Wii U on November 22nd (November 29th in Europe); incidentally, the game will have a little more breathing space upon release now that Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has been pushed back to 2014. Tell us, what do you think of the new screens? Indeed do you plan on picking up the game when it releases next month? Let us know in the comments.