Feel Like Batman Using These Creative Batarang Controllers

If you have a retailer close by who carries Power A controllers, you’ll be able to pick up Batman: Arkham City inspired ‘Batarang‘ controllers this fall. The peripheral manufacturer has announced their creation of two different controllers (one for the XBOX 360 and another for the PlayStation 3,) which resemble Batman’s trusty boomerang device from the comics, films and games. If you pick one up, you may feel more like the Caped Crusader immediately.

While the PS3 version is wireless (with a sensor, motion control, altered joystick placement and an interior rechargeable battery,) the XBOX 360 unit is wired. Though you won’t feel restricted due to its ten foot long reach. Both feature LED accents, which can light up into seven different colours.

Perhaps this is what Bruce Wayne uses in his Bat Cave.

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