Festive Resident Evil 3 Remake Mod Turns Nemesis Into Santa Claus

Resident evil 3

Capcom may have long since moved on from supporting Resident Evil 3 with official content updates, but the same certainly can’t be said for the survival horror remake’s modding community. As was the case for last year’s acclaimed recreation of RE 2, fans have been tinkering with in-game files and making adjustments as they see fit, especially with regard to the fearsome Nemesis.

While the S.T.A.R.S.-hunting bioweapon’s return didn’t quite have the same impact on pop culture as Mr. X, his physical presence and redesign were certainly as intimidating. Some, however, believe the iconic character was sorely underused in the remake, confined as he is – barring a single sequence in downtown Raccoon City – to cutscenes and scripted boss battles.

A missed opportunity, perhaps, but one individual still tinkering with the title has come up with a terrific new outfit for Nemesis, and you can check it out below.

Dressed up as Santa Claus he may be, but make no mistake – the only present you’ll be receiving from this wolf in sheep’s clothing is a punch to the face, and that’s a welcome gift in comparison to the other potential outcomes. If you’ve found yourself in the mood to revisit Resident Evil 3 in light of this, Marco RC’s mod is available for public use, though you’ll have to sign up to their Patreon for $5. The ball’s in your court.

As for those who’ve already had their fill of revisiting classic entries, Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainline installment and direct sequel to 7, is due for release in early 2021 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC. See here for all the latest story and gameplay leaks.