Fez 2 Is Cancelled After Phil Fish Has A Twitter Meltdown

fez 2 logo

Well, I can’t say I’m all that surprised at this, but I’m a bit disappointed all the same. Polytron announced that Fez 2 was canceled today; leaving fans clamouring to know exactly what happened with Phil Fish this time.

Well, we here at We Got This Covered did some journalism (read: hopped on twitter without bothering to put pants on) and found Mr. Fish had yet another meltdown with his fans. You can see a screenshot below, but be warned that the language isn’t exactly safe for work.

I’m personally more than a bit upset at hearing this. I loved Fez, and I’ve defended Phil Fish as a guy who’s a bit of a jerk but certainly good at what he does. Without any sort of formal announcement as to why the project has been canned, all I can do is report that it seems like he’s finally hit a breaking point. I’m hoping that cooler heads prevail here eventually, but I won’t be holding my breath