FIFA 13 On Wii Is Basically A Re-Release Of FIFA 12

According to a report by Nintendo-Gamer, the Wii version of FIFA 13 is not the full sequel that was released on the other platforms, but is instead a renumbered copy of last year’s FIFA 12.

The report backs up the claims with several extremely convincing screenshots (like the one above), revealing that outside of the number change and transfer/kit updates the two Wii games are identical. EA Sports didn’t even bother to change the menu system to match the real versions of FIFA 13 released on other platforms.

Apparently EA pulled a similar stunt with the PS Vita, as there are claims that FIFA 13 on Sony’s handheld is nothing more than a repackaged version of FIFA Football.

I doubt that many Wii owners who pick up FIFA 13 on Nintendo’s console are expecting the game to be exactly like the versions released on the other platforms, but I’d be willing to bet that they are not expecting it to be a barely updated version of the same game they bought last year.

Electronic Arts has yet to comment on the controversy, but we will update this story if they do.

Source: NeoGAF