FIFA 15 Due To Release On September 26th, EA Reveals Full-Length Trailer


As promised, EA published a full-length gameplay trailer for the next instalment in its ever-popular soccer simulator, FIFA 15.

The footage, which you can glimpse below, showcases some of new features fans can expect in the game, all the while emphasizing the emotional connection between player and pixels.

Those iterations in question include a new physics engine for ball control, and improvements that encompass the physical nuances of your favourite players — including shoulder barges, refined dribbling and a true sense of presence through enhanced stadium atmosphere. After all, what’s a soccer game without that all-important support from the 12th man?

Whether FIFA 15 can overcome the commercial success of its immediate predecessor, FIFA 14 — which holds the title as the best-selling entry into EA’s established series — remains to be seen. However, we can surely expect the company to implement in-game incentives including Ultimate Team and refined single-player modes that ensures the title’s year-long appeal.

FIFA 15 will look to bring the beautiful game to life like never before when it launches across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC on September 26th, 2014.