FIFA 16 Overhauls The Beautiful Game As We Know It


After persevering through an overlong segment featuring soccer legend Pele, not to mention the slightly awkward stint for Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, EA limped toward one of its lucrative cash cows. Despite the recent scandals, there’s still a palpable excitement for FIFA 16, and the publisher didn’t disappoint, serving up the maiden gameplay clip all the while detailing some of the incremental improvements fans can expect.

Of course, as one of EA’s annualized franchises, FIFA often gets a bad rap for churning out similar gameplay experiences year after year, only squeezing in enough tweaks and graphical improvements to warrant a new release. However, the developer spoke in-depth about FIFA 16, which will make strides toward balancing the beautiful game from all positions, from goalkeepers all the way up to the target men.

“Innovation across the entire pitch is the mantra that we’re working with. We want to deliver a balanced game, and that’s fundamental to everything we’re going to do this year. If you have a balanced game, it’s a fun game in many genres, but specifically in sports, and I think if you look at last year, the game was somewhat imbalanced very much towards the pace and towards the attacker.”

For the first time in the series’ history, FIFA 16 will introduce female national teams, and we’re excited to see the content lurking beneath the game’s admittedly gorgeous visuals.

FIFA 16 will bring the latest rendition of the beautiful game to multiple platforms on September 25. For now, you can share your thoughts about this year’s installment into EA’s mega-franchise down below.